At an undisclosed location in rural New Jersey, this past weekend I rummaged feverishly. And I rummaged myself into a actual fever, too.

Just ask my friend Frances who has been my escort and guide for the past two rummaging extravaganzas, I rummaged myself sick after 5 solid hours of digging through both piles of magnificent junk and my poor weary wallet.

The junk was stellar, the prices were too and I was happy as a clam to snap photos of all of the things I wanted but couldn't justify in my already clutter life.

Antler carving sets are so freaking perfect for thanksgiving turkeys. They make the best accessory to an Indian vs. Pilgrim family dinner. Civilized but still savage!

If anyone needs to beef up their vintage globe collection, this is a one stop shop.

If I didn't already own no less than 7 wool blankets, these puppies would have been mine.

What was I saying about blue and white china collecting?

Great old rugs, too.

Brooklyn seltzer bottles. Lovely lovely lovely.

I was dying to rip the wooden frames off these old mirrors to show their pretty beveled and worn edges.

I'd got plenty more photos of found goodies and a choice few of the treats that actually went home with me. Once I can find good places to stash them amongst all of my other old junk, I'll post my spoils.

A big Thank You to Frances for taking me along with you twice now! I must add that she demanded I not include specifics on her little rummage. I know I know, I'm a horribly corrupt and censored member of the press. Sorry all, a girl will do what a girl's got to do to get a free ride!


  1. Considering I love all the stuff you couldn't justify bringing home, I can't wait to see all the stuff that DID pass muster!

  2. I love you you're the best!

  3. HOLY SMOKES! Frances reads my blog? I'm touched!

  4. i know this twice yearly rummage sale, i work it so i can get in to rummage the day before the public. it really is amazing.

  5. I'm so jealous! I've been thinking about working it for an afternoon so I can have first dibs. how does it work?