Pumpkin time.

Look mom, I carved my very own pumpkin!


  1. ugh I feel so far behind! I have these lovely pumpkins just sitting at my place waiting to be carved and I can't seem to find the time to do it.

    Yours is so good!


  2. love it. i carved a pumpkin last weekend, but decided not to do a traditional jack-o-lantern, and later was very disappointed in my decision. so by the end of the week i carved another one- with a sweet little face and rosy round cheeks. i was so happy with him. and then he caught fire. hee hee. poor guy. i'm still happy. now he's just my little burn patient jack o'lantern. he's kind of pitiful looking. bless his heart.
    i hope you are enjoying this beautiful october. i will be in the city next weekend- will you be around? i would love to see you.