More rummaged goodness....

Here are some more treasures trolled from the depths of New Jersey.

Wedgewood china brings out the fussy old lady in me and heightens my desire to have scones and clotted cream for breakfast.

I know a fellow who is looking for some more tweed professor jackets and there was a whole tent devoted to handsome and erudite gentlemanly attire. However, please don't tell him I used the word professorial to describe him, makes him feel derivative, which is just silly.

I ransacked this antique lace bin pretty aggressively and at $1 a piece, would have been foolish not to.

The book tent was my favorite. Next time I'll need to bring a couple strong professor types to carry my armfuls of old hardcover classics, all for a buck. Left Bank Books, eat your heart out.

In a jumble of old kitchen supplies, I'm left scratching my head as to why I didn't get one of the many muffin tins. Would have come in handy for the tasty cornbread cook off I attended early this week at my Grandpa Emerson's house.

Cornbread and chili after a day tromping around in the fall leaves? Perfection, ladies and gents.


  1. Ohhh!! How much fun. Love the china!!

  2. I would have thought Jersey would have been picked clean ago, but this secret rummage confab of yours is kinda amazing.

  3. oh no, Jersey's pockets run deep with junk.

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