Lovely Luddite

You know when you find a new store that makes you want to burst with sheer joy? It's kinda like the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, when you're all swoony and can't think straight.

Well, I am developing a massive store crush on the Brooklyn antiques store Luddite these days.

I adore this unfinished mother & child painting, however at 250 bones, I'm going to need to save my pennies for a few more, ahem, months.

And the shoes.... Oh the shoes....

The lovely Ginny Branch was my escort (or excuse) to go for the second time in two days. I am thrilled beyond belief to help her cozy up her sweet new apartment and please stay tuned for progress on that little project, too.

This is Ginny wrapped up into a Victorian medical cabinet. Not cheap, noooo sir, but very lovely and a standard price for the city.

Lord knows I love sailors and dolls. And the combination of the two is just magic.

Oh yes, I'm having a hard time with that whole "thou shall not covet" thing. And honestly, coveting is the best part of crushing, right?


  1. those sailor dolls! i used to have one of those! it had belonged to my mom in the '40s. my mom gave me her entire doll collection when i was about 8 or 9, and when i was a teenager i stupidly hid them away in the garage somewhere. but seeing that picture brought back some great memories.

  2. in the same.similar but different.light and dark victorian virgina wolves.

  3. "light and dark victorian viginia wolves." Damn, that is very, very good. Trademark it quick, else I'm gonna steal it. But, whatever you do, don't go swimming with stones in your pocket. Very bad idea.

  4. WOW that place looks amazing!!!

  5. oh stores like these are my home away from home. I feel that these hidden gems can be found all over as soon as I leave Manhattan. Amazing, amazing.


  6. the place is full of antiques...good finds/stuff for decorating houses...:-)

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