Back to the old mill

Fall is starting to actually fall and this weekend I landed in Connecticut again, visiting sweet grandpa.

But wouldn't you know, I also happened to get a much needed sock knitting lesson from my mom, too . Dontcha love when you can finally move past a stumbling block?

The only good wood paneled walls to come out of the 70's.

Hand pinched elf goblets made by my grandmother in the 60's. So quirky and beloved by all, especially my darling sister.

Coming here makes me want to folksy/hippie up my house in honor of my grandma and mom, the ultimate hippie goddesses.

In my feisty teenage years I thought I'd rebel against my parents by going to an ivy league school and driving a Mercedes. Ha. I still want the Mercedes, but now it's going to have to be from the 70's and has a tangle of Navajo blankets in the trunk.

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