Wise old owl

Here I go again, shamelessly stealing ideas from Elmwood to use in my Brooklyn homey home home.

This amazing paper mache owl decoy has stood sentinel on a bookshelf in New Hampshire for years. I've coveted it for as long as I can remember and only recently had a light bulb moment.

Instead of sulking about what you can't have, haunt ebay till you find a similar one.

Not only did I find a similar one, I found the same freakin' one for only $15. To sweeten the deal even further, I recently saw another of the same at the amazing antique store Darr in Boerum Hill for $175. Yikes!

My wise old owl is standing guard on my kitchen shelf, bringing some much needed toughness to my girly collection of all things yellow.

Thanks again, Emerson ancestors, for wealth of ideas just waiting to be pilfered!


  1. I completely adore that little yellow tea pot!

  2. Aw, love! I learned the "search ebay/the-interwebs-of-wonder first" lesson after I was all sad to have missed out on a darling "vintage" wooden pear bank on Three Potato Four, and then when I did a quick google of "wooden pear bank" the exact same one popped up, still in production, for $15. In fact, I'm debating buying the $37 pair of owls identical to one they currently have for sale for $100+, since I found the pair on eBay!

  3. whooooooooooooooooo! And I think you need a figurehead of some kind for you bluebike. Something a little smaller, obviously, to ride at the joint of handlebars and frame.

  4. and here i am shamelessly stealing a photo from your featured file on domino's website. oh how i love my baby scale. my little girl painting. all of the wonderful nesting tips you bestow on me...