School Supplies

I am still an over enthusiastic 4th grader when it come to school supplies or as grown ups should say office supplies (typing that out made me shiver with dread).

One of the best things about being a "grown up" is that you can indulge the kid in you with frivolous treats like personalized pencils. I was a nerdy, teacher's pet type in elementary school and would have gladly done extra credit for these suckers.

These days I buy kraft paper folders by the dozen. They organize my important stuff like tax returns, warranties and miscellaneous ephemera to boot.

I added the rivets by hand and tied on my favorite bakery twine so that the folders would stay closed, gosh darn it.

Got to have something stashed in your pencil case to keep you busy during math, too.

Since I found these woodland creatures stickers by famed sticker company Mrs. Grossman's, I've been compulsively hoarding them, like a true 10 year old. I've been sticking them to blank postcards and creating serial cartoons for friends.

Dorky and juvenile? Yes, please.


  1. the best thing about being in grad school these last few years has been the excuse to buy school supplies. if you are a dork, then i am a dork as well.

  2. I recognise that photo booth strip!

  3. i <3 school supplies. I miss being in new york for the great stationary stores...

  4. Me too, Me too!
    My favorite thing about school was getting all the new school supplies. They were so fresh and hopeful.
    Just waiting to have their purpose fulfilled.

    Just waiting for all those efforts to pay off...
    $10 for each A on a report card.

    You get my "A" for inspired blogging.

  5. I imagine they were lined up to carry your schoolbooks back in the day. I bet they're still lined up.

  6. The fox and the bear in hat and cap
    (no wait, here's the beginning)
    On the first day of class
    they're all ready to start
    with new pencils to draw on new maps.

    (which animal can we guess?), nervously,
    for the big pop test
    forgot all his things
    to write with at school, so
    the generous gifted orange fox
    gave him her lead and that's how he learned her wonderful name.

  7. Fall and school supplies go hand in hand. So this post has just made you the girl in class that everyone is jealous of.

    Super cute stuff.Hope you're well.

  8. oh i'm so glad for this post
    now that autumn is just around the corner i have been buying way too many office/school supplies.
    i can't help it. i love crisp notebook pages, and the smell of wooden pencils.

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