Scaredy Cat

Okay, Okay. It's true, the reason I've been reevaluating and organizing my apartment is that I was expecting a new baby but didn't want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

I swear, she is not as angry as she looked in her cage at the pound. Hmm... wonder why? Let me introduce 3 year old Minnie, my new love.

I picked her out at the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control on Wednesday and took her home late night after she was spayed. She is the most timid and scared little kitty that ever was, but she does like to be petted and snuggled once you find where she's hiding.

I was so scared that when I brought her home she wouldn't like my antiques and that we'd have nothing in common.

Just kidding.

No, really, i was scared, but she settled onto my folksy kitchen chairs just fine. Thank goodness she approved, I'd have had to take her back to the pound otherwise.

Just kidding, again.


  1. She's adorable. We got cats recently and now I don't know how I've ever lived without them!

  2. Definitely cuter than my spider.... Don't worry, she'll be running the place inside a week.

  3. Oh goodness, she's precious. I think she even complements your decor.

    I've got volunteer orientation at the local shelter bright and early tomorrow morning so I'm in a very 'yay shelter cats/warm fuzzy' mood re Minnie. What a lucky kitty.

  4. i love minnie kitty. i wanna get a persian version so she can have a friend. lets make them mini hats and bows.

  5. oh my!! i am oh so jealous of you right now. maybe more than ever before. i want a little minnie in my life, but thats one of those things that my roomie & great gal pal, halli, and i will never see eye to eye on! cuties like minnie are why i look forward to having my own place one day.

  6. cute. i love your blog, just found it.

  7. She's just so adorable!!! My cat also loves playing hide and seek... great blog, just discovered it and love it!

  8. Aww how sweet, I just had a new baby show up on my doorstep a month ago. She's settling in nicely now, I hope yours does the same.

  9. OMG
    What a great idea giving all these free kitchen ware.
    I am also trying to simplify my life and I think it is a great idea.

  10. Oh I want a cat so badly!

    I have nominated your blog for a reward! View my blog for details.

    Hope you are well!

  11. I love her. And love the fact that she got eleven comments. Your blue and white china is just as cute.

  12. congratulations on the new member of your family.