First Day of Fall

What could be a better way to welcome my favorite season than to break out a newly hand knit sweater for the first time?

It's a little itchy, just like a good handmade sweater should be. Plus, I've always thought the itchier the sweater, the warmer you stay. Same holds true for blankets.

Fall sweaters make my cheeks rosy with glee, especially since I've finally made one myself.

Even if it took me a whole year to knit the darn thing.


  1. How impressive! I have not managed to go beyond the realm of scarves and hats and blankets. And that's mostly crochet. Knitting is still pretty intimidating for me.

  2. wow, that is indeed very impressive. I too will be busting out my extensive collection of Fall sweaters though sadly they won't be handmade. By the way, I was inspired by you to pick up this gorgeous vintage tennis racket while I was out thrifting yesterday, I can't wait to slip on a tennis skirt and christen it.

  3. I third the comments, but what does it look like with somebody in it? And I don't mean the cat.

  4. It looks darn cute, if i do say so myself.

    Maybe one day I'll post photos of myself dancing around the house in it, while listening to Prince. However, I'd like to hide that embarrassing side of my personality for now.

  5. that is certainly a delightful sweater, nevermind it being your first! i can only aspire to make such a classic one day.