China Blues

Oh dear, I wish I could find an identical antique drying rack like the family's one from Elmwood.

A big part of my kitchen rehab was to bring some order to my shameful collection of dishes. I have a sweet set of hand painted dishes and saucers from the 1950's that I love, but when I grow up I'm dying to start a blue and white china collection like the small one above, from the summer house. Plus blue and white patterned china is incredibly easy to find, I swear I've seen a cute piece at every dang thrift store I've ever been to.

Please don't remind me that if I would have bought the all the pieces I've seen in the past, my dream dish collection would already be complete, thank you.


  1. I totally agree! Just love the blue and white dishes.

  2. I want a collection of mish-mash dishes, but the blue and white doesn't work for our eventual kitchen/dining room colour scheme...and those seem to be prolific EVERYWHERE.