Bluebell's beautiful bike basket.

This is Bluebell, my sweet little Schwinn from the 60's. To make her more functional I finally got around to adding a basket.

To make a Brooklyn style chariot combine.....
#1. A neat old bike.

Look into the soul of your new found friend and find an appropriate name. Then take her/him to your local bike shop for a safety checkup.

#2. A basket. (Mine's a beat up old egg basket.)

Good for stashing farmers market flowers and a baguette if you want to look like a too cool french girl. My style is more like shoving your bag and sweatshirt in there so you don't crash into a car trying to swing your bag over your shoulder, like an idiot.

To attach it I just used plain old cable ties from the hardware store. One on each side of the handle bars.

I also put one on the bottom to keep the basket from wiggling around.

I pulled the ties as tight as they could go and then clipped them to neaten it all up.

The basket is really stable too. Yay, now I can haul more junk around Brooklyn with me. Wait a second..... Is that a good thing?

My bike's finally got a basket and better yet, a cute boy captured my test run!


  1. I feel as if I'm the only one of my friends who DOESN'T have a bike here in new york. I don't mind though, I like to walk.

    Hope you are well!

  2. I love your bike, and what a sweet picture. That hat! You do indeed look like a chic little french girl darling.

  3. I adore your bicycle and basket. I've been longing for one of my own, but being as we live in the tiniest rural town there doesn't seem to be any reason...this is one of those times that I wish I lived in a bigger city...