Back to Cooking School 2008: Kitchen Redo

A few tumbles off my ladder trying to reach my 20 lb cast iron crock pot was all it took to force me to rethink my space usage.

Also, my huge philodendron plant was blocking out a ton of light on top of the fridge, getting dusty and generally making me cranky.

Yay, I feel like a grown up, living a slightly less cluttered life. Or at least a more cohesive life. Shelving my smaller plants freed up valuable table and counter space through out the kitchen so now I can access the things I use everyday without fear of falling!

My beloved toy sailboat, the inspiration for the kitchen.

The new arrangement makes watering time much easier, everything is in one place. The plants on the higher shelve require less water, so i won't have to be making a trip up the ladder everyday, either!
A utilitarian stack of terra cotta pots look pretty, too, while they are waiting for my next new plant brought home from the farmers market.

Across the kitchen, a little bit a wall goes from useless home for knickknacks to actually functional after several incarnations.

Cute and a bit bare, but serving no purpose.

Very cute and holding a lot of useless decoratey things. Pretty, but not a good use of very limited space.

With my vintage pots and pans at arms reach, cooking is a million times less stressful. Having my glasses and bowls on the shelf frees up space in my tiny cabinets so I can hide my trader joes cereal boxes more effiecently.

Dinner, anyone?


  1. Practical and pretty.
    Don't you love a reincarnated kitchen that works better and gives you a sense of order and function.

    Ohhhh... how i lust for your tin ceiling.
    I'd love it in my own lovingly recreated kitchen.

    Especially appreciate that you are turning into Betty Crocker.

    What's for dinner?

  2. I love that little owl perched up there. What a cutie.

  3. I'll bring dessert. A maple syrup tart, perhaps?

  4. look at my little domestic wife! i'm so proud of you. we should take turns teaching eachother how to cook. t minus 4 months til my darling man gets here. and someone has to feed him.

  5. Maple syrup tart? Sounds perfect for September.

  6. your kitchen is darling, and the same colors as mine. It's so fresh, you've inspired me to add more plants to mine, what would you recomend that would be easy to care for?

  7. Hi!!
    your blog is so beauty....i link it!!


  8. Do you make house calls for Kitchen Re-do's?

    I could use you in my life!

    Loved seeing your kitchen floor in that decor magazine.
    Would love it even more if my floor looked like yours.

    Thanks for the How To.
    You make it seems like dreams can come true.

  9. Wow - looks so good - love your variety of plants! Maybe you can do a seperate post listing all the plants - I would like to start something similar in the future!

  10. stunning!!! this is so inspiring. thank you!

  11. I love your kitchen. The plants are just gorgeous!
    Very inspiring.

  12. LimitedLiabilityGirlTuesday, June 22, 2010

    Very important question: Did you specially reinforce any of those shelves that are holding cast iron pots and pans? I'd like to hang some kitchen shelving in my house but I'm a little afraid of the weight loads versus the drywall and who will win.

  13. You'd need some seriously big anchors. Consult the dude at the hardware store!