Rainy days

My last week in New Hampshire was gloomy and wet and completely beautiful.
I love seeing Elmwood change from bright and warm to dark and alive and growing. I felt like I had been transported to the English moors.

Call me a romantic, but I love an old house in the rain. So many nooks to explore!

I spent hours a day cooped up in my little room and couldn't have been happier about it.

Constant thunderstorms at the summer house mean a return to forgotten projects, like our flower press that was neglected for years, full to the brim with roses. What a great present!

A little bit of light reading, 1915 style. (courtesy of the attic)

There was lots of time for rummaging around in every dresser, unearthing ancient hats, swimming suits, aprons etc...

And more than enough time to pour over old astronomy charts. I couldn't find a date on these but they look old, old, old (and judging from where i found them they haven't been seen in ages).

Old star charts have always made me a bit dizzy with glee.

Wow, if only cabin fever was always this wonderful.


  1. I love your attitude about the weather and the opportunities that being shut in can bring. What a treasure hunt your summer home is. Lucky you!

  2. The ghost of Joseph Cornell is turning in his grave in envy of those star charts.

  3. wow! They didn't throw anything away!