"Nothing's more determined than a cat on a hot tin roof."

Is Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof living on Metropolitan ave these days?

Nope, just me playing around with my new clothesline. Hey, a girls got to do something to pretend she's got a backyard. Even if it's just balancing vintage lingerie on a rope 30 feet in the air.

My old timey Williamsburg neighbors need something to talk about, after all.


  1. Knickers over Billyburg! O my, that's my kind of town. Some of these unmentionables look kind of flapperish.

  2. Em-e-ly Dee K.ind-senThursday, August 28, 2008

    Looks at those white un-mention-
    ables that are now flapping
    cute-ly out the window

    out of the window
    Ruth looks -less
    because no re(a)dd is around.

  3. My, My, how risque!
    Wonder what the neighbors below you think?
    Probably that you are advertising some cat house meows and prowls.

    Bet it's causing second glances and conversations galore.

  4. These pieces of lingerie remind me of the Victorian era! Hehe! Where'd you got them? My sister's looking for ones like those. That will certainly get your neighbors talking about you.