Kid's collars

When I found this dress in my favorite New Hampshire antique store for just $5, i cursed myself for not being a 4 year old girl anymore. I adore everything about it, the double collar, black glass buttons in sets of 3, the Alice in Wonderland color scheme.

So i just bought it and figured if none of my friends have little girls, I'll just tack it up on my office wall for a bit of daily jealousy that I am too big (and old) to wear something so precious.

And speaking of cute kid's collars, this Victorian scrapbook page has a sweet striped sailor collar, being worn by an oddly proportioned little sailor himself.

This page is going up in my bathroom as soon as i can find a good frame to keep it safe from shower steam. I love when clothing inspiration translates to home inspiration. Makes life that much easier.


  1. That dress is so cute. I wish that delicate dresses like that weren't only made for little girls!

  2. i mean, i have been gone waaaaaaaaay too long on the blogosphere. look at all your wonderful posts, and i just got here. ok, give me a moment to catch up...i can't wait!

  3. what a cute dress!
    it doesn't look too terribly hard to replicate!

  4. Remember when you bought vintage sailor pants and a coat and it fit you perfectly?? Do you still have them?