I can't stop day dreaming about old fashioned, ladylike flowers. I want, no, need them spilling out of ever corner of my apartment.

These were picked by a sweet boy out of his grandmother's garden and delivered from Westchester County to Brooklyn just for me. I think I'm just about the luckiest girl in the world.

I love how these whites have smaller flowers and heads. They look so much more feminine and delicate to me than the run of the mill corner store varitey. My aunt grew them in our Elmwood garden and I promptly snipped several bouquets worth.

These blue beauties were selfishly tucked away on my Elmwood bedside table.

The best and happiest vacation alarm clock ever conceived.


  1. A Beatrice C Dante EFriday, August 15, 2008

    "With feet i halted...to gaze upon the diversity of tender blossoms; and there to me appeared...a lady solitary, who went along singing, an culling flower after flower, wherewith all her path was painted."

  2. hydrangeas make me think of my mother, tending to her garden. i have such a soft spot for these flowers. they need no other accoutrements. they shine all on there own.

  3. The greatest thing about that polaroid is the image it didn't capture. That was New Year's, 5am. The sign was the prettiest thing in the station! I love these flowers. I just ran around and picked a bunch today.

    Have a good tuesday!

  4. god I love those flowers
    they make me think of paintings by edward burnes jones..<3