Drawer overhaul

Ok ok, so I know drawer liners made from wallpaper isn't exactly reinvention of the wheel, but the exciting thing here is I actually followed through and finally did it.

*I think it was my new old cutlery caddy and and shiny new old silverware that were the inspiration for a kitchen drawer makeover.

Before: ICK! Ink stains, ancient dust, lord knows what else covering the bottom of my drawers.

I've had this roll of vintage wallpaper in my closet for ages. Wallpaper from the 60's onward works the best because it's pre-pasted and most likely washable. So when the drawer gets icky again (which it will), all you need is a swipe of a sponge. No paper damage!

You've just got to measure and cut a properly size piece, then completely wet the pasted side and gingerly drop it into the bottom of your drawer, smoothing out air bubbles as you go!

Yay, organized drawers! Now if I could just master the art of keeping them organized.


  1. Such a sweet simple idea. Your flowered photo made me look into all my drawers and say:
    "I can do that!"

  2. It's little details like this that make a house a home. Lovely, my dear. Can't wait for brunch.