Bringing the out(house) in.

So one of the most quirky things about very old, mostly un renovated homes is that many have an "outhouse" or non flush toilet inside, left over from the pre-plumbing days.

Luckily Elmwood's is in the far back of the house and unlike it's horrifying relatives at state fairs across the country, it doesn't remotely smell and pretty darn cute, too.

I still prefer civilization but it's a funny novelty nonetheless.

Speaking of neat waste receptacles, visiting the Hancock town dump is one of my all time favorite New Hampshire activities. In addition to the usual recycling rigamaroll, they have a "dump shop" where people donate gently used housewares etc... and everything is free! I got all of these amazing old novels and a great, beat-up tackle box. I am always on the lookout for more storage containers!

I wish their could be a free shop containing all of New York's antique books and collectibles. I guess that's what craigslist is for.


  1. Archeologists love privy pits because of all the non-organic things dropped into them over the years. Great valuables on occasion.

  2. and here i was thinking the only valuable things people put down toilets are illegal drugs.

  3. how did you find out the dump had a shop?

  4. It's a rural community, so there is no trash pickup. We have to drive out weekly garbage and recycling to the dump ourselves!

    Oh country life!

  5. Oh Amy!!
    I am so pleased to see you have returned to the blogosphere! I was missing your dreamy entries while you were away. I was in the city a few weekends back and sadly I missed you. Please keep sharing your treasures and your history. I enjoy it thoroughly.

  6. Is it just a coincidence that the books you chose make the prettiest, happiest, most colorful little stack EVER?

  7. Coincidence? No, i think more like divine providence that i could find all of those books for free and in a pile at the dump.

    (granted i did arrange them by color!)

  8. I love that the outhouse is still a part the house! It is cute!