And the head case continues...

Last winter I bought this stunning 1920's scrapbook off eBay. Peaking out from under the pasted magazine cutouts of flappers, cute babies and random fruits and vegetables are neat, old illustrations of menswear.
The actual book itself is a men's fashion catalogue of sorts from 1917 so every inch of its 60 pages are a treat. The food images are bizarrely fascinating, too.

I love this pair of beautiful horsey girls (great boots!) and the monogrammed belt buckles in the background are so wonderful.

Going through the book always gets me in flapper mode. All these beautiful girls with their simple and chic hair accessories? Hmmm... Project brewing?

A few weeks back my neighbor was getting rid of this 1960's ostrich feather hat.

Never one to let anything old be unceremoniously thrown away, I snatched it up, not thinking about how I'd make this monster less Marge Simpson and more um... cute.

I disassembled all of the pieces to see what I was working with. I tossed the netting and pillbox base but I'm sure more adventurous crafters could turn them into something very, ahem, unusual.

To make a little flapper inspired hair clip, I took the smaller of the feathers, along with a trusty bobby pin, through the shank of a vintage button. It was a tight fit, so the feather isn't going anywhere.

The button came from my grandma's stash, but any button with a shank (read: no holes on the top like a shirt button) will do.

In action...

I normal err on the side of simple, less fashiony things, but this little gem is very sweet and will be an unexpected surprise the next time I wear a boring men's shirt and high waisted jeans outfit.

(Who am I kidding? That's what I wear everyday.)


  1. okay, i want one! that is so very sweet. i love feathered head pieces. you have inspired me. i will be crafting away this very evening with feathers, buttons & bobby pins! thanks dear amy.

  2. How amazing isn't that? To find a vintage scrapbook on ebay, brilliant!

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