Hot hot heat.

Today I had the most lovely, lovely day with Ginny Branch. She's got some amazing photos of the adventure that she'll post in a few days, so I'll not spoil the surprise but when i got home I was so inconceivably hot.

So happy my mother gave me this amazingly strong, industrial hunter fan from maybe the 30's? It's quiet and oh so refreshing, I can't believe I've spent 6 whole summers in the city with no A.C. or fan. Ouch. So glad the self induced suffering is over.

While I'm in sweet summer time mode, here's a glimpse of my recent trip to a neat butterfly conservatory while visiting home. These chrysalis' look like little glass lanterns, so beautiful.

Now i haven't always been very excited by butterflies, but it was lovely to be able to get so close and see so many. They are just so delicate and feminine.

As Ginny and I discussed today, it's so wonderful to finally accept summer as a season that has so much to offer if you can just grit your teeth and not wilt in the sun.

I normally dread the sky high heat index all year long, but it is SO lovely when you can slow down and do summer right.

Farmers market fruit, butterflies, big straw hats, freckles, orangina and a big, beautiful, strong fan.


  1. Pretty fan and pretty butterflies.

    I agree. I've been so frantically busy I've been saying mean things about summer. If I can just slow down, I think I'll enjoy it.

  2. The butterflies are so, so beautiful.

  3. oh i love the butterflies
    your fan is pretty too :)