summertime nap checklist

Something about warm weather makes me want to take naps constantly. It's cooled down in brooklyn over the past few days, which i think has actually made me more drowsy. Now it's not revoltingly painful to be alive and i can actually fall asleep.

First, windows must be open all the way. say hello to window box and my happy tomato.

Water windowsill plants. Must do every day when it's hot hot hot.

Put on record, lately joni mitchell or something equally 70's mom.

pick out book to read in bed.

lately DH Lawrence's The Rainbow. next up, Woody Guthrie autobiography, thanks for the borrow, james.
love my ladder. The shelves are old wooden bed slats. love reclaimed wood.

the destination, quilt heaven. the one on my wall was my first quilt, a present from my dad when i was 11. it's my favorite, it's made out of old men's indian cotton shirting. Plus it's huuuge. thanks, dad.

tomorrow i'm headed to CT visit grandpa emerson with the folks for father's day weekend. hoping to spend the next week at the summer house in new hampshire with mom. will have amazing photos to show.

snoozing now.


  1. There's something about putting a record on, huh? I love em!

  2. You have described my perfect afternoon! I spent all summer napping & writing a thesis. Now that it is winter the nap just doesn't feel the same, kind of slovenly -perhaps because I am using up valuable daylight- but in summer it is wonderful. I really enjoy your blog & your beautiful plants.

  3. This would be one hell of a happier planet if we all took naps. I've been advocating them for years. Happier and healthier. On occasion, when working for the Man, I've had to slip out of work to take a 15-30 minute shut-eye break.

    BTW, you have a turntable? And you're in your 20s? And you can re-do light fixtures? You're my new role model.