princess turkey feather

Went to the Museum of Natural History to see the horse exhibit last week. While it was amazing, it was also amazingly packed with crying kids. I preferred the solitude of the "Hall of North American Birds", the owls are so enchanting.
Great Blue Herons will always remind me of home and the Chesapeake Bay.

Elmwood has this amazing Audubon print of a wild turkey with a vase of wild turkey feathers. I love that this house is so rooted in nature, even inside.

In New Hampshire I saw at least 3 flocks of beautiful wild turkeys and was lucky enough that they left some feathers behind for me to scavenge.

The smaller breast feathers inspired me to make a feathered headband, after all as a girl i was in the defunct YMCA program Indian Princesses (like a father daughter girl scouts but you pretend to be a native american tribe).

You even got to make up a very un-pc indian name, mine was Princess Jumping Jackrabbit.
First I striped the feathers of their down, just leaving the smooth tops.

Then I tightly wrapped each feather on my headband with matching thread.

It reminds me of a little girl's dress up indian princess crown. What fun.


  1. Interesting photo...

    Actual turkey feathers, basket nest and grasses to compliment the historic print.

    Makes the print come to life.

  2. that is a a great headband...the colors of the feathers will look so pretty with your dark brown hair!!!