the old mill

ok, now moving from elmwood to the second family masterpiece, the mill, my grandfather emerson's home.

In the 70's he and my ingenious grandmother converted the second oldest operating mill in the states into their home. I will never be so cool.

The house the is amazing. Jacque Cousteau once rented it out, too. Double amazing.

He drives a jaguar e-type convertible from the 1960's. still. at 87. what a class act.

Fully open windows in an old house, nothing like it.

The sluiceway that runs underneath the house. From the kitchen you can actually see through the glass section of the floor down to the water and old mill turbine.

Grandpa emerson also raises ducks that live in the pond.

The fireplace that actually burns tree trunks, not logs.

All the saws are from the mill's operating days.

Cast iron pans and a stone wall in the kitchen. the stuff rustic dreams are made of.

I also love that the house was done in the 1970's but the mill itself dates from the 1740's. It's a great balance, not too fussy. Amazing old wooden floors, mill stones, a groovy sunken living room, industrial spiral staircase and a wall of windows.

so basically, emerson/merrick souls manifest themselves in old houses.


  1. Your photo's and commentary are as interesting as they are professional. Did you go to school for photography or writing?

    What an eye you have for making the simple seem special.