more more more...

only a few more new hampshire posts, i swear.

that is until i go back next month.

A local secret garden. My grandmother used to rent this little place when she wanted to have a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of family summers at elmwood. love love love!

A rambling and fallen victorian garden and trellis. If fairies exist, i think we would find them here.

A pink lady slipper, the best of the best. my father's favorite and also new hampshire's state wildflower. Never knew some states had official wildflowers in addition to their regular flowers.

And because i'm sure you were wondering, nh's state flower is the lilac, my personal favorite!

i have only tipped a canoe once in 24 years. A frog jumped in the canoe with me a couple years ago, not that i'm afraid of frogs, but i don't handle surprises well.

misty night.

My great grandma's treadle sewing machine and button collection. Love the wallpaper in master bedroom and i love that it reminds me of my sweet chelsea rose.

What would a vacation be without a home improvement project? Mom and i repainted the hallway and stair floors. Forgot to get a good before shot, but they were ick.

My faaaavorite thirft store in the whole world. saturday mornings in the hancock church basement. Nothing over a buck and they consistently have "ali mcgraw in love story" stuff and amazing men's things.

Oh yeah, and now i want a back yard so i can have goats along with a garden. not too much to ask?


  1. not too much to ask at all
    i love your new hampshire posts
    everything is really dreamy

  2. I don't know about your other readers, but I could live all summer on posts & pics from this demi-eden. Keep 'em coming! Attics, and ghosts, ancient stoves, genealogy, goats, gardens (secret gardens no less), lady slippers, o my!

  3. I love your vision. It helps me expand my vision. Ha! It makes me want to be you and to live at those family houses all summer long. I want to discover old attic treasures, ancient journals, church basements, secret gardens and quiet coves in a canoe.

    Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are to be you?!

    Want to trade places?!

  4. "ali mcgraw in love story".

    yeees. classic.