home again.

I went to my childhood home in Annapolis, Maryland this past week and even though the visit was incredibly heart wrenching (attending to my sweet old dog, puck) my parent's home radiates a wild spirit that helps to heal all wounds.

Plus it's hard to not to smile when looking at my mom's yellow bike.

Making a clover chain in the yard for Puck.

Old trees. ivy. birdhouses.

Mossy and over grown, just how I like it.

The top of my dad's dresser. His ever changing displays have influenced my sense of style more than anything in 4 years of design school!

No one can predict what mom will bring home next.

The oyster shell drive way.

The side porch dovecote. My parents are so astounding. Just when you think you understand them, they throw you for a loop by developing a passion for raising doves. amazing.

And finally, my little man. Although he was in terrible pain, he was always a joy to be with. I am so lucky to have snuggled with him every night for the last 5 years.


  1. *gasp* and *sigh* for each picture

  2. Oh how sweet. I love your hat and of course the bicycle.

  3. love love love your blog!! really inspiring..

  4. this is the most beautiful heartache i have experienced in some time. you made me cry.

  5. Your dad's dresser looks awfully familiar, right down to the small deer antler.

  6. I want to go to the magical heaven that is your parent's house. (Frances)