home again, home again.

well, not quite home. stopped over at grandfather's house, but connected to modern civilization (and wireless internet) again. just offloaded photos, i have hundreds and now feel just completely at a loss of what to show. everything was so perfectly new hampshire and emerson family that i could barely stand it.


canoed out to my favorite spot to read. the sunlight was simply perfect.

she's a good old girl, my lady love.

my bedroom.

moose brook runs along side of our property and then empties into powder mill pond next to the house.

i can barely believe my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great-great grandmother and on and on.... have been rounding this bend and seeing this view for hundreds of years.


  1. Wow... just specatcular!
    love the photo with the canoe... makes my heart yearn for the blue skies of New England

  2. i'm so happy you have this in your life. thank you for sharing it with us. heavy sigh. i feel like you should be kissin some boy underneath that tree. or in that canoe. or in the grass...

  3. Thanks for sharing all this. You are so lucky to have something like this in your family.It is amazing!!

  4. I've been poring through the Elmwood pictures and am completely enamored. I live in the desert now, but I spent my youth skating up the Merrimack River in the winters and canoeing down it in the summers; New Hampshire is where my soul still lives, if that's possible. My husband's great-great grandfather built a marvelous grand arts and crafts style house on a little island in Maine where his (now my) family still spend each summer, and your family's place in NH reminds me SO much of their Maine house- all that history, all those old artifacts and treasures in the attic, all those heirloom iris that must come up each spring...truly magical. And yes, I am SURE that fairies live in your grandmother's secret garden. Quite sure.

    What a gift, for you to have that place to escape to and for us, that you've shared it with the masses. Big hugs from a New England girl in the Mojave Desert...xo

  5. I too have been poring over the photos of your family home, how amazing that so many generations have all lived inside! My grandma's house is similar as my grandpa built the second storey, but she wants to sell up soon and it might break my heart a little.