hello and welcome inside elmwood.

the house has 3 attics, some plastered with old posters. these are dream attics with family relics galore.
family doctor bags, family photos and school papers. i found some paperwork dated 1875 from wellesley college listing my great great grandmother Ella as enrolled in their first ever school year.

it's a lovely thought to know these things have been in the attic for over 100 years and will stay there for another 100.

all of the fields were filled with daisies. delightfully simple.

the family history hand written on a chalk board in the kitchen.

the wood stove works. nothing tastes as good as scrambled eggs cooked in a cast iron pan, on a cast iron stove heated by a fire you start yourself with wood you've split yourself.

hand delivered from our nearest and dearest neighbor straight from the coop that day. this is the same neighbor who sweetly names his pigs after members of the emerson family and has done so for my whole life.

i like that a lot of these old bottles entered the house as new and just never got thrown away.

this simple, clean and sunny room is more impressive and inspiring to me than any manicured interior.

the family has collected a lot of brown transferware china. i like that is isn't all in a big cabinet, little pieces are hiding everywhere.

oh boy, there is still more to come....


  1. i wish i could hide in this house and stay...like the mixed up files of mrs. basil e frankweiler. this place should be a museum.

  2. oh, that oven, those eggs. be still my heart.

  3. I wish I had a house like this to visit. It makes me want to find an old house, buy it (as if), and slowly fill it up with with things, bit by bit, so that someday far off in the future, it will be a perfect spot like this.