Let there be light fixtures.

I have been aching to change my kitchen light fixture since my first day in the apartment and this weekend I finally tried it. My old fluorescent fixture made my skin crawl. It was like coming home to an nightmare operating room.

Food looked awful under it, as did people.

Once I removed the old base, i scraped and repainted the ceiling.

Just a standard socket. Easy breezy.

My old gas station fixture. Literally cost a single dollar at the Jane st. sidewalk sale last weekend. I almost felt like i was stealing from the sweet old guy.

This is just the style of shade i was hoping to find,too. I have so much else going on in the kitchen that i wanted something simple.

Cut the cord to the appropriate length, separated and stripped the wires.

Attached lamp "nipple" (no joke) with nuts to cord, one on either side of the shade to hold in place.And finally done. I am in total shock that i finally did it and it works. Plus i love that it only took a few hours once I had worked through the process and it was cheap cheap cheap to boot.

I love getting things done.

(I wish i could have taken pictures of attaching the medallion, but seeing as i was 12' in the air, on an old ladder, nearly drowning in my own sweat on this 97 degree day, juggling all of these pieces and with only my sad 7 fingers, i couldn't manage it. Apartment Therapy can help, too.)


  1. Wait a minute. That is SO weird. How do you get everything done so FAST? Slow down, or else who will be the next scrappy girl when I finish my apartment?

  2. Ack! You are so impressive and handy. How do you avoid flipping out and spending eons debating every decision? Also, the guts to hang fixtures yourself?

    I am a big indecisive wimp.

    Also, it looks awesome.

  3. Well, i think the key to not flipping out and taking a ton of time is that i am 23, recently jobless and thus broke as a joke.

    I don't have the option of choosing between different beautiful things, so once i find something i like for a price i can swing, i snatch it. It still takes while, not deciding but waiting for the right cheap (mostly always vintage) thing to appear.

    And doing the labor myself is just an extension of my lack of other options.

  4. Amazing!!! Looks great. If I had millions of dollars to have you redo my apartment I would give you my millions. That didn't make much sense, but you get the idea. Love. (Francy Pants)