A sunny friday.

This is the window of my laundromat. How lucky am I to have this spot 3 doors away? All of the plants are for sale, too. I stopped by this morning to pick up my laundry and got inspired for a project. shocking.
They also sell vintage charms for a dollar. A laundromat that sells gold charms, plants, coffee, cookies and ice cream? Only in Brooklyn. It's on Metropolitan and Olive off the graham L train. Gloria always brightens my day and is the neatest clothing folder I've ever seen. I ran my two huuuge bags of laundry upstairs and came back for these guys. What a nice way to start the morning.

I love this place.
So at 9am i decided to make some little presents for my favorite girls at work (seeing as today is my last day at work). They took about 5 min to assemble. The cheap and easy way to terrarium. I just lined the sides of my jars with sheet moss and put pebbles and dirt in the middle.
These are my specimens, little cheap succulents from the laundromat, $3 for 5 babies.
I tucked little animals in each girl's jar. A horse for my love Frances, an owl for my darling Ginny and a goat for my precious Chelsea.
After an amazing goodbye brunch at Cafe Cluny, we went to the W. 10th Housing Works store. I got this great vintage tin for holding wooden spoons and the like in my kitchen. My favorite color combo, yellow and green!
I also got this super silly little coin pouch to stash my camera in. I'm not normally so frilly, but it reminds me of some sweet piece of vintage lingerie. A little bit of old fashioned for my fancy pants camera.

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