sheesh, i'm lucky.

My darling Ginny gave me these paintings she unearthed at the Perry St. Block Fair in the West Village last Saturday. My grandma, Pat Merrick, was a fox hunter and my beautiful mother showed horses in the amazing Connecticut country club scene in the 1960's. Thus the backbone for my equestrian obsession.
These are each HAND painted on little circles of ivory silk. Holy smokes. I am thinking of repainting and redecorating my office just so I can do these beauties justice.
While on the horse bent, here is a series of little cards that my friend Frances found for me. I love the rosy cheeks, green velvet headbands, horses.
Read more about these girls here, they were popular in the 30's, 40's and 50's because they were the first surviving set of quintuplets. Doubt these girls ever went camping, but I love the little cards , anyway.
My obsessions with shadow puppets shows itself on the fridge, too.

Geez Louise, take it easy on the plants.
Today I bought some new pots from my favorite secret source, the hardware store on the corner of 1st ave and 7th st. These mossy pots cost a FORTUNE at my favorite fancy garden stores but here they cost $5 each. Amazing.
All potted up.
Got a new "fan" quilt at the Perry St. sale. Quilts are like a grandmother's heroin. Out of my budget and terrifyingly habit forming. I can quit whenever i want to, i swear.
And finally, i did it! I bought the broom from Moon River Chattel I have been thinking about for a year. I guess I had a hard time justifying $33 on something that sweeps my dirty floor. After eyeing it for about the 100th time i realized that it was able equal to a Cafe Cluny brunch, which is my one silly, frequent indulgences.

Duh, buy the beautiful broom already.

It'll be worth it if i'm compelled to actually sweep my floor, yes?


  1. It looks so beautiful and hand crafted. My guess is it will look more elegant with use; however, I just got a similar one for mother's day. It looks so perdy hanging on my wall. The sweeping can wait.

  2. The girls with the guitars and kerchiefs are the Dionne Quintuplets of Canada who were essentially taken from their parents and literally put on display as basically a freak show.

    The drawing isn't an accurate representation, as several of the surviving quints have spoken of the miserable conditions under which they grew up.

  3. holy smokes! who knew..... The wikipedia page on them is kind of terrifying and sad.

  4. love the pots. found you on pinterest. off to look more.

    barbara jean