My dead presidents club and other lovely things...

The wall across my from my bed has been dreadfully empty and sad for weeks and I finally did something about it today. I had a lovely family painting hanging in this spot but sadly, it has been repossessed back into the family fold. I finally gathered up some things i had around the house and filled up the space. The three antique portraits are of President Wilson, Mckinley, and Van Buren. They are some of my all time favorite treasures and I will never forgive myself for not buying every president in the store. There are still some spots to be filled and the composition isn't quit perfect, but it's a start and they say thats the hardest part.
This weekend I completed the amazingly inspiring task of switching my out of season clothes. I store most all of my unused clothes in these vintage suitcases, it keeps things clean and tidy and manages to not take up any valuable closet space. Plus it makes me feel like a old timey globe trotter, I love organizing solutions that actually work for me, it's a rarity. I make my bed every morning (thanks mom!). It makes a big difference and overshadows a multitude of sins, like my overflowing pile of laundry. Plus, quilts on top of quilts are so cozy. These feedsack stunners are both from the 30's, the top one is called postage stamp and the bottom is a double wedding ring.
My dear friend Frances gave me this little bear. Sigh, I love a 1930's boy in overalls. The terrier is mini mohair Steiff and has a twin sister, Dottie, who lives with my darling Ginny Branch.
And this is a close up of President Martin Van Buren. Don't you love that a president could get away with this hair?


  1. i love your home. the stacks of blue suitcases...heavy sigh. and what did you name dottie's twin? you gotta love a steiff puppy.

  2. Love the quilts, the paintings on the wall, the suitcases, the colors. Love it all!