curtains and fountains of roses

"When summer comes there will be curtains and fountains of roses" is my girlhood favorite quote from The Secret Garden.

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and I chanced a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see how things are progressing.

My spot under a tree. Made some new lists.

I hear a lot of girls talking trash about roses. Too predictable, too fussy, too much cellophane on those bodega bouquets. I dare any hot blooded girl to look at a wild and sprawling rose bush and not be overwhelmed with sheer glee.

If you can, I'm both impressed and very very sad.

I felt like I had stumbled into a deserted Victorian lawn party.
Overgrown to perfection.

Double swoon.

And to think i almost didn't go because of a silly flat tire.


  1. These place looks seriously amazing. I love your shot of the roses. And that field of bluebells!!! I want to go to a party in the Victorian gazebo.

  2. thank you! for a moment i was transported from this gloomy tuesday...

  3. Couldn't help but notice your notebook is a moleskine. My favorite. Not to mention I have an obsession with brown paper bags (hence why i have the same one). I commend your good taste.