before and no after

So this is a before shot, but with no gratifying after photo. I got this weird and wonderful pillow and absolutely have to turn it into some useful thing. A little purposeless pillow is the last this i need gunking up my life and couch.

Camera case? Makeup bag? Knitting needle catchall? Nothing has grabbed me yet.

Just opening this question to the universe with the hopes of divine guidance....


  1. i'm thinking tampons...

    is that inappropriate to write? it just looks like a cheeky little case to keep unmentionables.

  2. isn't it too big for tampons? otherwise i like this idea!! what about a camera pouch or a makeup bag? a shoe bag? im not sure how big it is- so, im not sure what would go in your pouch if you made one. you could turn it into a cozy of some sort or a wall pocket for keeping random things, like maybe clothespins. so, okay. i am out of ideas & you have probably already turned it into something fabulous! i can't wait to see.