And exactly two weeks later...

The floor is done and my apartment is finally emerging from under a cloud of sawdust.

This is the first coat of paint, its benjamin moore porch and floor paint in "parchment white" or something old timey like that.

Next I made a cardboard template of the size of diamond i wanted for my checkerboard and then traced it off on to the floor, using a yardstick to extend the diagonal lines when needed.

Here is a "rough draft" of the checkerboard. I went back over each line with a small paintbrush to tidy up where paint smudged under the tape. This was such a tease because it took days to finish and I had thought it'd be a quick job. I also repainted my baseboards.

These are some shots of my new floor all dressed up. I love it, but i can't wait until i resign myself to ivory getting dirty. I've been on all fours with a sponge more often than is appropriate for a 23 year old girl.

Okay, okay, so my floor isn't even in this picture but i just found this amazing basket last week and have appropriated it as my new catchall gardening bin. And i painted the little desk black on a whim last night.

My sweet little kitchen feels so much more lovely without vinyl flooring. Why did it take me so long to do this??!

Now, all of you please come over and let me cook you brunch.


  1. i love it i love it i love it! hoo-rah for miss merrick!

  2. my word amy merrick!!! i'm drooling over your kitchen. it is so amazing, just like you. i love a harlequin romance.

  3. oh my goodness, gracious. you're fast, fearless, bold. come to my house and help! how did you sand all this so fast?

  4. Hi, I'm over from SHINE referral to check out your blog. That fabulous harlequin floor is going to drive you crazy no matter how much you/WE love it! :) Did you seal it with several coats of clear acrylic sealer? If not, hit your nearest Home Depot for a sealer for glazed tiles. It goes on quickly, will work well over the paint, dries fast and the smell is bearable. You might also consider antiquing the lightest portion and then finish it with lots of that old standby FUTURE FLOOR WAX. The wax will seal plus if you keep it handy to mix with a touch of water for sponge mopping, you'll find it cleans up quick as a wink.

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm adding it to my "Reasons the Paint Dries On My Brushes".

  5. I have been dying to rip up the hideous linolium in my kitchen and have wanted to do black and white diamonds, was it really difficult to do? My mum has been saying I ought to just do those tiles you can stick on the floor.

  6. Seriously, one of the sweetest kitchens I've ever laid eyes on! You should be quite proud of yourself!

  7. I enjoyed your story so much on Shine I had to swing by to see the kitchen for myself...very impressive. The colors your chose and your knack for decorating are lovely. Wish I had your savy when I was 23. :)