old man winter

Old man winter is here, for sure. Last few weeks have been very productive, feel like i'm making some forward progress in most parts of my life.

Went home for mom's birthday and had an amazing pagan fire with the folks.

Shopped amazing antique stores in small town maryland and had to dragged out by my ear after hours and hours. Merrick thread? See, i was born to sew!
Went to the National Bontanical Garden's on mom's day. I wanted to bottle it all up and take it home with me.Horsed around a bit with skimboard. He is a looker and a firestarter.
Explored Boerum Hill for the first time and found a men's store to die for. makes me want to be a boy or expand my future husbands hope chest. also makes me want to live in the dressing room.

So much else to be grateful for....
1. going to see the ballet AND hansel and gretel
2. longs talks with Ginny and Jim this week
3. loving the guitar, who knew?
4. staying healthy, most of the time
5. hair cut
6. cleaning house
7. little marc ladies standing up to the man.



  1. 1. can you please post some new gratitudes please? i'm aching for my amy emmerson merrick goodness...

  2. I love this scrapbook, photo album, gratitude journal. What a lovely way to share your special self!

    Well done too.

    Everything you do, is done with style.