for the love of branch.

it's sweet to see ginny's pictures and gratitudes, so i'll show some love and gratitude for the girl herself and return the favor.

Gratitudes for 11/20/07.

-Finishing my first week of a new store feeling like i made the right choice.
-Franny and Cookie, god those girls are good.
-Talking to my mom finally, its been DAYS!
-A good macintosh on the train.
-Some solid knitting time.
-Knowing Ginny is home with her family.
-Liv Tyler calling frances and i sluts in a very sweet and tender way. She is an angel.

An Now to get myself excited for my impending visit to the old mill for a feast, a reminder of the best kitchen ever. Grandma was genius, through and through.

My mom gets full credit for this amazing gem, however. fringe and a glue gun will gypsy anything!

The oven dreams are made of.


  1. like the grinch, my heart just grew three sizes...i love you madly amy elizabeth merrick.

  2. Embora não saiba inglês, adorei suas fotos. Talvez seja pela linguagem baseada em sentimentos presente em cada detalhe revelados pela objetiva que não requer conhecimento do idioma mas sim de sentimentos, e isto é universal.