Amazing overload.

The world has been kind over the past week. Thank goodness, i needed some more tenderness.

A proper old new england family does thanksgiving right.

My mom cooked this with her own little bread baking hands.


1. Spending so much time with my parents over my long weekend.

2. Seeing grandpa and my home away from home.

3. How much more "with it" he seemed this visit, leaps and bounds better than last time.

4. The new vintage orange cookware peggy gave me.

5. Having a good solid camera

6. My whole family, sash, todd, terry, peggy, bill, and andy

7. The father daughter turkey cooking demonstration, too sweet for words.

8. The brooklyn botanic garden, bright leaves, handsome men.

9. Not exactly dreading going back to work.

10. Opening and closing the store in one piece, thank god.

11. Ginny's burlap sack.

12. My new high waisted Annie Hall tweeds.

13. Sock progress.

Now for the fun part.

mom's amazing leaf collection.

Koi at the botanic garden

Grandma marg's sweater. my soul's home.

for the love of branch.

it's sweet to see ginny's pictures and gratitudes, so i'll show some love and gratitude for the girl herself and return the favor.

Gratitudes for 11/20/07.

-Finishing my first week of a new store feeling like i made the right choice.
-Franny and Cookie, god those girls are good.
-Talking to my mom finally, its been DAYS!
-A good macintosh on the train.
-Some solid knitting time.
-Knowing Ginny is home with her family.
-Liv Tyler calling frances and i sluts in a very sweet and tender way. She is an angel.

An Now to get myself excited for my impending visit to the old mill for a feast, a reminder of the best kitchen ever. Grandma was genius, through and through.

My mom gets full credit for this amazing gem, however. fringe and a glue gun will gypsy anything!

The oven dreams are made of.